A Collection of Clayton Christensen Resources

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Yesterday I found an interview with Clay Christensen where he is talking about disruption in higher education, Apple getting problems, if crowd funding disrupts the VC industry and much more. (via TechCrunch, where you can also find a transcript of the interview).

He also gave the opening talk at the Business of Software conference in 2011. It’s one and a half hours long, but it’s perfect for a lazy Sunday like today. There was one quote from the talk that I noted down because it sums up quite nicely the dilemma if you look for funding. The original quote is »You need to invest if you don’t need it, if you need it, you are doomed.«, but if can be easily rephrased to »You need to look for funding if you don’t need it, if you need it, you are doomed.«

Related, Jason Fried was invited to a meeting with Christensen and jotted down his three key take aways for Inc.com.

Yes, I should finally start reading his book The Innovator’s Dilemma.

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